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We at PigeonAllDayLong pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best service and equipment on the market. You will be using the most modern and effective equipment available, all provided in the cost of your day.


Our Pigeon & Goose shooting is fully guided with guides who have many years experience with shooting and are the best in the business at calling Geese.


Your stay will be in one of several high quality local Hotels and B+B’s that we use on a regular basis for our clients.

We are located approximate 1 mile west of Leslie in Fife Scotland and 5 miles East of Loch Leven which is one of Scotland’s prime Goose Roosts for Pinkfoot & Greylag Geese.

Fife is a Farming county with a large acreage of cereal, arable and vegetables which attracts a very large Pigeon population.


Our Shooting Season

To ensure top quality shooting we will only take bookings for shooting during the times of the year that produce the best numbers of birds. This will often be a shorter period than the existing seasons. We do not do any type of bird shooting on a Sunday but Roe stalking is available.


Pigeons  Are shot from 1st February to the 20th April on winter rape and spring drills. Then from the 15th July to the 15th September over harvested crops. We also have a limited number of dates between October and the end of January each year.


Geese We shoot decoyed geese from the 1st of October to the 31st of January each year. We also have many wild duck flight ponds that we start shooting in September through to the 31st January


Pheasant From the 1st October to the 31st of January.  Both Driven & Rough Walked Up days.




Email : mark@pigeonalldaylong.com

Mobile :00447872959592 


( Please consult the Calendar’s before calling )

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