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At PigeonAllDayLong you will be guided to some of the best Pigeon shooting in Scotland. Your equipment is of top quality and will include items such as rotary magnets, flappers and floaters along with modern decoys, cradles and dead birds. We can accommodate one to four shooters per guide.


Fife is a large arable county of Scotland with a huge acreage of cereals, vegetables and oilseed rape which the Wood Pigeons thrive on, it is not unusual to shoot large bag like the ones shown in the photographs. Having said that, you still need to remember that the Pigeon is a wild bird and huge bags can not be guaranteed every time.  Juniors / young shots are very welcome but must be accompanied an adult shotgun licence holder at all times.


At PigeonAllDayLong we are also Registered Firearms Dealers so can hire out shotguns to visiting shooters. Please note, a police visitors permit is still required.


Here at PigeonAllDayLong we strive to provide the best farmland to shoot and currently have the shooting rights to over 100 farms and estates. We keep a close relationship with all our farmers to get up to the minute information on pigeon movements, drillings and harvesting. This combined with constant reconnaissance provides you with the best fields to shoot at any given time.


The cost of shooting with us is a very reasonable fixed rate “per day” and if you get a very good day you will not be charged any hidden extras.


Contact Details

Mobile : 0044787-2959592  

( Please consult the Pigeon Calendar before Calling ) 

Phone : 00441592-621539

email : mark@pigeonalldaylong.com

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